THE HINDU EDITORIAL : DECEMBER 4, 2017 a) Bit of a bubble? — on bitcoins and cryptocurrencies One lakh rupees invested in bitcoin in 2010 would be worth a few hundred crore rupees today. That is the kind of extraordinary return the digital currency has given investors as its price has witnessed a meteoric rise, …


How to achieve perfection? A great secret revealed by Ashtavakra to Janaka

Tānyupekshya yathāprāptavartī siddhimavāpnuyāt. Contentment, perfection and siddhī dawns in that person who is happy and contented with whatever has come; who does not hanker for something more. It is so strange, and yet very true! Be contented with what you have and you will see perfection or siddhī dawning in you. If you hanker for …

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